Monday, September 01, 2008

The end of broadcast TV

Seems like broadcast TV should be in its death throws. I give it no more than 7 years. I imagine within 5 everyone else will chime in with its death. I wonder how Dish/Comcast/DirectTV/etc... will fight back. Will they try to lure the RIAA into banning places like Or will they hold out hope that people will want to see their shows as soon as possible instead of waiting for them to come online? At what point do they stop coming out in broadcast form first? Seriously, between netflix, hulu, veoh, and I don't really need cable. I have enough entertainment with just those sites. That doesn't even include iTunes and the paid providers. The tail is growing in this area and it will only be a few more years before it becomes mainstream. Not only that, but the monitization ability is already there through commercials, so it is a viable model. I do hope it doesn't get bogged down by commercials though - and I hope the commercials become personalized. Just because I'm watching The Hills doesn't mean I want to see a cosmetics commercial...however, my eyebrows do look a bit...nevermind.