Monday, July 20, 2009

A letter to my representative

I sent a letter to my representative regarding the health care bill and would like to repost it here for others to comment.

Hello Representative Inslee,

I wanted to write a quick letter in opposition to the upcoming health care reform. Believe it or not, health care is undergoing a major revolution today. The problem is that the traditional "insurance" programs of the past are becoming harder to use because people have confused "insurance" with "comprehensive coverage". Allergy medicine, maintenance meds, etc... are not part of any insurance program. Insurance is responsible for covering major and unexpected medical issues. Over the last 5 years, more insurance companies are coming to terms with this and are inventing things like Health Savings Accounts, which, though unpalatble to many consumers, are a cost effective means of giving consumers choice over how to best spend thier medical allowance. Unfortunately, the private sector has not sorted everything out yet, so now is a very inopportune time for the government to intervene. The government is not innovative nor is it cost effective. Instead, it simply throws constiutents money at a problem with little effect until they stop complaining about it. I do recognize the importance of helping our elderly and needy, but I also recognize the precarious position of the american economy and the health care industry. Despite Obama's claim, now is NOT the time to act. Now is the time to rely on capitalism and market forces to sort out what the future should hold and then fit our current medicare and medicaid plans into that future. The economy, the health care industry, and your constituents need you, Representative Inslee, to be a pillar of salt in today's wax and wane congress. You have been in the past and I trust you will be again.

Thanks for your time,
Tanton Gibbs
Redmond, WA