Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Open Source and IBM

Martin Fowler's review of JAOO2005 includes this blurb:

"On panels 'Bedarra' Dave Thomas and Brian Barry said that they believed the current spate of Open Source development was unsustainable. Much support for open source is funded by large companies, IBM's support for Eclipse is a long one. They felt that this support wouldn't last, if so there's likely to be quite a collapse in open source activity. (I'll stay silent on this question, I prefer to avoid trying to predict the future.)"

All I can say is WHAT!?!? Someone doesn't understand IBM's business model. They are not a products company, they make their money on services. Therefore, they want to sell things based on thier services expertise. By making products open source, they eliminate the competitive advantages of their opposition. That allows them to compete on an even keel, services vs services. If anything, IBM wants MORE open source products so that they can sell more integration services. Sheesh!

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