Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Two Things

I'm pretty sure of two things at this point. First, the name of the system will be the Staticly Typed Advanced Recognition System (STARS). I hope to get a sourceforge site for it up soon.

Second, the system will be written primarily in Boo and run on mono. Boo has all the right things for this project.

1. Strongly Typed
2. Type Inference
3. Macros
4. User defined compile steps (this will be very useful when creating the database schema from the source files).
5. .NET/Mono compatible - at some point people will want to run their own code, there is a likelihood that the code will be .NET.
6. Clean syntax - based around python (I prefer Ruby, but...)
7. Duck typing
8. Multi-thread capable
9. Functional + Object Oriented

As soon as I get the SF project up, I'll post a link to it here. I'd like to write the specifications in the project's mailing list.

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