Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Game

Last Sunday I went to the AFC Championship Game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. It was a blast. The game was amazing and the RCA Dome is an excellent environment. The one thing I noticed is how loud it is there, well, at least when the other team is on the field. You don't get a true idea of the volume through TV or radio. The other thing I noticed were how great the fans were. We were sitting beside a number of Colts fans and they were extremely classy and fun to be around. I have to say that I was surprised at how much fun I had watching the game. I had begun to think that football had become a television sport, but I can safely say that is not the case. It was soooo much better watching it live and in-person. It didn't feel productionalized. It felt raw and real. I had a truly amazing time and I can't wait for next year's game!

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Andy said...

I had gone to a Titans-Steelers game the year they moved to Tennessee, and while I had a good time, it just didn't compare with Razorback games. It took me a little while to realize why guys were just standing around on the field chatting for such long periods of time until I realized that it was waiting for TV to come back.

I think that I very much prefer college football and basketball to the pro versions. Baseball seems comparable, but you don't get all the famous venues that you do in the pro version. Of all the pro sports, I have to say that mine is hockey. Just nothing like sitting 10 feet away from a guy getting mashed into the glass and see a view that the ref isn't seeing.

It was good seeing you the other day. Wish we had more time to visit.