Friday, September 16, 2005

J - A - C - K - E - TS

My daughter just cheered at her first game. Kindergartners through fifth graders had the chance to be "mini-cheerleaders" at tonight's football game. My daughter was very excited. She had her cheerleading outfit and her yellowjacket face tatoo. She knew the cheers and she was ready to go. I'll post some pictures of it over the next day or two. She did a great job for only being in Kindergarten. I was very proud of her, as always.

I certainly don't encourage cheerleading. I've known very few cheerleaders that I actually respected (two). I tend to think the "sport" is for the flighty, energetic people that I typically don't associate with because they have way too much energy and way too little intelligence for me. However, I made a commitment many years ago to support her in whatever she wanted to do (as long as it was legal and moral). I'll stand by that even if she wants to be a cheerleader, but I'm sure she won't -- she's way to smart for that ;0)

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