Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mini-Microsoft and the Death of a Corporation

Mini-Microsoft is an anonymous Microsoft employee that is trying to change his company by airing its dirty laundry, publicly. I don't know that I agree with his approach, but I certainly feel sorry for him. It is sad to see a corporation leave the expansion phase and go into the recession phase, but all the signs are there. They have reduced or stopped raises, their earnings are slumping, they are using reorgs as a way to increase productivity, they are using process over people, and their best people are abandoning ship while those that stay have low productivity due to low morale. Microsoft had one of the longest expansion periods I've seen. Now, the giant has peaked and it must move into a recession phase. This is not to say that sometime, in the future, it can't expand again, but it must fall hard before that is to occur. Some of its products will decline as well, some have already been in decline. Some of its products may even excel: I'm a huge fan of C# and I think it will do well, though lack of true multi-platform support may hinder it (sorry Mono, you're not there yet). The warning signs are clear and its sad for the 50,000 people that work there. So long and thanks for all the phish.

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