Thursday, December 28, 2006

Similar Characters

I try to keep track of people who are similar to me: past, present, and fiction. I have three, currently, that I believe fit the bill.

1) House - I've blogged on this before, but Greg House from the TV show House is very similar to what I am like. I think he has let his pride control him more than I have and that accounts for a few differences. But, on the whole, we are very similar.
2) Isaac Newton - We have similar interests, religious beliefs, and personalities. He, of course, was far more brilliant that I ever could be, but we are very similar in our pursuits.
3) Brad Paisley - Yeah, the country singer. It's uncanny how many ideas in common we've had. In fact, before they released his "Two people fell in love song", I commented to my wife that everything that has ever been was because two people had sex. Mine was more crass, but that's beside the point. When my wife heard it on the radio, she immediately came to find me and show me my idea had become a song. It was funny. I still say he has spies that watch me...I need to go now...I have to elude them!

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