Saturday, January 10, 2009

Browser Toolbars

Recently, Microsoft announced a deal with Dell to distribute the MSN toolbar with new computer purchases. This comes after previous announcements with Sun and Lenovo. While I am excited about the traffic this will bring to Live Search, I have to say that I hate browser toolbars. Seriously, what good are they? Most browsers already have the functinality that the toolbar provides: search box, term highlighting, etc... The MSN Toolbar does provide a few interesting twists like automatically launching Live Messenger, but on the whole, who needs them? They just use up space and memory. My wife's computer has both the Yahoo! toolbar and the Google toolbar on it. I have to go take them both off now...

You know, what I'd really like is a browser that prohibits toolbars, that I could use. And while I'm on that topic, over Christmas I installed extra RAM in my father-in-laws computer because it was going slow (it only had 256 MB of RAM). I also noticed that he hadn't upgraded from IE 6 and had some Yahoo! toolbar that provided virtual tabs of some sort. Why hadn't the browser updated itself to IE7? Seriously, why doesn't our software just fix itself? Why don't my drivers automatically update? ARRRGGG!!!!

Ok, I feel better.

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