Thursday, January 01, 2009

Facebook lament

I have too many facebook friends. I lament it. I only have about 5 that I actually want to monitor and communicate with; however, when people request friendship I don't want to say 'no, I care nothing for you.' I really want a "preferred facebook" view where I can just track and interact with those I care to. One would think that it is not that big of a deal, but it really is. For instance, I just went to superpoke a friend of mine and it took far too long because I had to find that person in my list of friends (and I don't have *that* many). It actually reduces the amount of time I spend on facebook.

Less is more.

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Mark Staggs said...

After just adding four friends this evening I understand the dilemma. However, one thing you can do on your home page is adjust whether you want to see "more" or "less" of stuff from a friend. I have a "friend" who was rather noisy in her status updates that I turned all the way down.