Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I hate dreaming

I hate dreaming. I absolutely hate it. Most of my dreams are awful. When I was a child, I had night terrors. Like most cases, they went away as I grew up. Unfortunately, mine returned after my father died. It is said that they can return after a stressful or traumatic event, and they did. What's worse is that I've always been able to recall them. Most people just wake up screaming with no idea why. Me? I have full recollection of the terrors. Luckily, my wife is used to it, she just ignores me when I wake up screaming; although I'm sure it annoys her.

Other dreams are just as bad. They usually represent something I've repressed and don't want to think about. So now, I've done a good job of not thinking about certain topics and my dreams just drag them up and force me to confront them. I can't win. The whole point of repressing things is so that I don't have to deal with them. What good does it do if my subconcious is plotting against me! Arrrrggggg!

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to say that I hate dreaming. It sucks. Anybody have any good dream experiences and maybe some advice on how to get those instead of the ones I have? It would be most appreciated.


Amy said...

Stay awake :)

Tanton said...

Oddly enough, this was what I used to do. I would stay awake for as long as I could. Eventually, I would make it to the bed and collapse. I wish I could stay awake longer :-(

Anonymous said...

You have to learn to go with them. I used to have terrible nightmares. I still have dreams, but now when I recognize that something very odd is going on and realize im dreaming and have fun with it. Dreams are nothing more than your brain firing off random signals as you sleep, So I view it as free entertainment as you wait for the next day to come. The problem is that you are afraid of dreaming. So when you are dreaming you go into panic mode and your dreams take a turn for the worse. Relax, have fun with your own world. Sometimes when I realize im dreaming I point my finger and POOF! There appears a hot babe in a skimpy dress. Then her and I go to town. Its fun, and I really enjoy my dreams.

emily said...

i used to stay awake until ridiculous hours to avoid my nightmares. eventually i grew accustom, and my sleeping completely messed up. So now, i'm an insomniac. pfft. SO DON'T DO THAT. there is the art of lucid dreaming, maybe you should research and get to understand how you can, i mean, theres lots of information on how you can control your dreams, and i shan't divulge.