Monday, February 26, 2007

What I've Learned

I learned a number of things over the last week, so I thought I'd share

1) I could never be an academic, I don't own a suit
2) I really like playing the piano, even though I suck at it
3) The good thing is, I suck at everything, so there's not much incentive not to do it
4) I am an idiot (Actually, I already knew that, I just keep learning that I'm more of an idiot than I previously thought.)
5) RFID tags will be the next big thing. There's going to be some cool stuff done with those.
6) Ecclesiastes is the coolest book :-)
7) I like the term psychological gymnastics. I tend to perform them often. It's a constant struggle between seeing what you want to see and seeing what is really there.

1 comment:

Mark Staggs said...

My take:
1) could easily be an academic--suits are overrated.
2) Great! Whatever makes you happy! Everyone should be a musician (okay...not really)
3) Ahhh...the onset of wisdom
4) See #3
5) Welcome to Y2k!
6) No comment
7) Well..._I_ like the term 'nude gymnastics'

My Bonus comment: Never post after drinking!