Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I once wrote a poem in high school for a class. I always liked the poem. I don't have it anymore, but I remember the last verse. I thought I would create a new poem that was similar and used the last verse. Here goes.

Shadows lurk on closed windows.
The moon's luster provides
a fitting nursery.

Monsters spring forth
depriving me of slumber,
laughing at my countenance.

I turn away,
They persist;
they encircle me.

I board up the window
with long nails,
and time-worn planks.

The monsters vanish,
but their tendrils remain.
They prod me,
tease me,
remind me.

The warmth on my back is shocking.
I turn.
A new window has opened.

Its light is brilliant.
There are no shadows here,
but the sun will set;
they will come.

For a moment,
I bask in the warmth;
I feed off the glow.

But shadows lurk on closed windows.
I will never forget.

It needs some work, but I'll try and edit it from time to time. Stop back by to check on its progress.

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