Saturday, August 06, 2005

Green Bay vs Buffalo

Last night I watched the scrimage on the NFL network between Green Bay and Buffalo. Now, this is each teams first scrimage this year, so I didn't expect a lot, but I'll give a few comments on what I saw. As a disclaimer, I have to say that I'm a Chiefs fan and don't care about the Packers or the Bills.

My thoughts on the Packers

  1. Green Bay Defense was never in the right place. For the most part they wrapped up well, and I was happy to see that. However, they had to wrap up a lot because the receivers were typically wide open. Furthermore, they let Buffalo's runners run all over them.

  2. Brett Favre telegraphed every one of his throws. I'm seriously surprised that he didn't have about 10 throws picked off. It was a testament to his skill that he could stare down the receiver for the one second his offensive line gave him and still get the ball to him.

  3. Javon Walker shouldn't have held out, period. At this scrimage the GB Packers management looked smart for not giving in as Javon looked like a first year player.

  4. I hope the Packers' offensive line becomes less offensive and more defensive of Brett. The quarterbacks had absolutely no time to throw and were constantly being hasseled. At the end of this season, Brett is going to wish he had retired.

  5. The Packers better hope that Bubba Franks come back because they have no depth at tight end. In fact, they better hope that no defensive player gets hurt because they have no depth there, either

My thoughts on the Bills

  1. JP Lossman didn't do poorly, but I can't say he did exceptionally well, either. Toward the start of the scrimage he did his best, it seems the defense caught on to him pretty quickly though.

  2. Willis McGahee showed why they no longer have Travis Henry, he was amazing. He was tearing up huge tracks of land in no time. The Bills just have to hope he doesn't go down.

  3. The Bills defense was good, but it is hard to tell in a scrimage exactly what is going to happen in a real preseason or season game. They wrapped up well and didn't give Ahman Green room to run; however, it could be that the Packers offensive line was so bad that they didn't have to try very hard.

  4. Kelly Holcomb looked great against the second team defense of Green Bay. Then again, I might look great against the second team defense of Green Bay. I'll be interested to see how he looks during the preseason.

Of course, this was just a scrimage and things will change the more the preseason continues. I'll continue to monitor these and other teams and give you my opinion. Your milage may vary.

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