Thursday, August 18, 2005


There are three phases of a product or companies growth and the passage from one phase to another is a critical time. The first phase is the niche market phase. The company or product is small and addressing a niche market, with a small number of customers. The second phase is the "kool-aid point". At this phase, the company or product is gaining clients that have passion, clients that have "drank the kool-aid." The final phase is when the company or product moves to powerhouse status, a global Fortune 500 level company. There are very few individuals who can start a small business and run it as a global company. most of the time, a new leader must emerge at each phase, the old leader is kept for historical reasons, but the new leader is responsible for managing the transition and leading the company into the new era. It is arrogant for us to think we can handle all three phases. People, by their nature, are specialists. It is ok to fail at something. It is also natural to excel at other things. Sometimes we have to put our pride behind us for the good of others.

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