Thursday, July 21, 2005

Football pt 3

As in football, a team is made up of individuals who must learn to work together. The reason why a football team can't be put together in one year is because they have to learn to "gel". They have to understand one another's upsides and downsides so they can play to one another's strengths. In addition, a team of all star players probably won't outperform a team of good players with the occasional all star. Too many all stars will get in one another's way (too many chefs spoil the broth). Therefore, a team must contain the right mix of personalities and talents. That's not to say you shouldn't hire exceptional people, just that the personalities should be taken into effect when creating a team. A team of prima donna's will never work. A couple of examples from the football world. First, the Kansas City Chiefs defense last year. Year before last the Chiefs defense was abysmal. The players were getting beat badly. They decided to keep all the players and only change the coach. This didn't work. You have to have great players in order to play great. Second, the Oakland Raiders defense last year. They brought in a number of really good seasoned veterans, but the defense never gelled. They had great players, individually, but as a collective whole, they could not perform. Third, the Indianapolis Colts offense. They have great players individually that are selfless and perform well together. They are one of the most dominant offenses in the league. Finally, the New England Patriots defense. They have a core group of great players and many other players that "fit the system." These players are not exceptional, but they understand their role and they play it well. The New England Defense was rated very highly last season and it was the reason they went to and won the Super Bowl.

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