Thursday, July 14, 2005

Team Members

There are three types of team members: Those that provide value, those that do nothing, and those that provide negative value. Positive value can be provided in many different forms. First, a person may be a productive employee. He or she may create amazing programs that always work and are easy to use. Second, a person may be a valuable educator. They may challenge the employees to grow and to think outside the box. Third, a person may have intangibles that allow them to improve the morale of the team. A negative value may also be generated in many different forms. First, a person may be a negative influence, criticizing employees for doing important things such as learning or challenging the status quo. Second, a person may be a prima donna, working in isolation creating programs that work, but that no one can understand or maintain. Third, a person may generate negative productivity. In other words, people always have to clean up this person's messes. Are you a positive or negative employee?

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