Sunday, July 03, 2005


Oh, no. I have to start running again. I'd started running in June with Mary. Mary is a friend of mine, more like a sister. I've known her and her family for 10 years; they are all best friends to me. In June, Mary and I started running. Well, not really running, more like attempted running on my part. Mary ran track for a number of years, so she's in great shape. I've won the national lard butt championship 6 years running, so I'm not doing too good. My primary goal, when running, is to not have a heart attack. I think her primary goal is to laugh at me. Last time we ran I ended up with shin splints for weeks. We stopped running when Mary had to go to a number of camps as a councellor. I've been busy, so we never got back into it. Yesterday, we took my son over to thier house to let them visit with him on his birthday. Mary hit me up about starting to run again. Of course, I caved. So now I have to go get some new shoes and pray that they help the shin splints. Oh fun.

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