Thursday, June 16, 2005

AdSense and Sensibility

Wow, some Google AdSense layouts look really bad (especially coming from a site on how to make them look better). I've recently considered adding AdSense to my blog and have been trying to find sites with AdSense that look good. I finally found a blog that looked good with AdSense; however, it is one of the few.

There is also the concern that if you make your AdSense look good then people think you are trying to trick them. It is funny that people hate advertisements so much that if they click on one they feel dirty. I can't say I disagree too much :-)

I'd love to hear from people who use Google's AdSense program, as well as readers who like or dislike sites with the ads on them. Does anyone make money with these things? I'm not too interested in making money with the blog, but why not give it a go? Can't hurt right?


LcF said...

thank you for visiting my blog( Though it looks bad(according to you), but it works. Good luck.

Tanton said...

As long as it works, that's what's important...and besides I'm gaining you more google power by linking to you ;-)