Saturday, June 18, 2005

VH1 is stupid

Wow, I just turned on my TV and my wife had apparently been watching VH1. I saw a somewhat attractive blonde-haired girl that looked like she hadn't eaten in the last three days walk by a pretzel stand. I thought to myself, "This ought to be good, she's going to order a pretzel then go throw it up offscreen." I never got that far. She went up to the rotund man making the pretzels and ordered a salt, pepperoni, and jalepeno pretzel. Only, she pronounced it "ja-lap-eno" instead of "hal-a-peeno". OMG. VH1 is for stupid people. I think I'm going to record this episode of...wait a minute, let me hit the info button...Top 20 Countdown, just so I can remember how stupid people are. Sheesh!


Dr.Ajax said...

i bet it was lindsay lohan.

Lin said...

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