Sunday, June 19, 2005


Warning: this post, unlike most of my others, has Christian content. Ignore at your own risk
Today is Sunday, so I felt like I should post something religious. I'm really not sure what I should post. I'm not a big fan of the Bible Verse of the Day type things because it is hard for me to understand the bigger picture. I think, on future Sunday's, I'll post about Old Testament history and maybe some other "big picture" topics.

Today, I want to discuss a topic that I struggle with: Worship Isn't For You. I definitely agree with the statement, "We worship for the benefit of God"; however, like many other things, knowing the principle and applying it are two different things, the first being much easier for me than the last. What's unfortunate is that the The Parable of the Pounds says that we are expected to apply the things we know. Anyway, I'm not a churchgoer, I don't really like institutionalized religion; however, getting a small "church" together in your home is not really done these days; though I wish it were.

So, with that in mind, how can I worship for the benefit of God? What's funny is that most of the new testament is dedicated to solving individual problems, not the problems of the church. In my view, we can worship God individually, though I'm not as sure it is as pleasing as a group worship. We can pray, sing, and talk to God on an individual basis and show love towards him that way. So, the next time you are in the car or in the store or anywhere else by yourself, consider telling God what is going on in your life and telling him you love him. Remember, worhsip is not for you.

Do you struggle with institutionalized religion? Do you wonder about the nature of God? Let me know what you would like to see more of!

To God: In case you are surfing by: I am.
To Daddy: It's Father's Day! I will always love and miss you!


Sven said...

Nice post, I hope you find somewhere where you can enjoy worshipping God in a way that you're comfortable with :)

Random Personae said...


dom said...

One thing that bugs me is people going to church and being holier than thou , then when they leave that sacred place they slap their kids and have an argument in the car on the way home.
I do believe in God , but don't need to prove it by going to a church.Everyday actions are good enough for me.Like today I helped this old lady across the road , she was screaming like mad... I mean how was I to know she was waiting for a bus?
May the good Lord bless you.